In charge of theme 3 (WG3)

Emmanuel ROZIERE – GeM Nantes (

The objective of this theme “Reference concretes” is to define concrete formulations to study during the project so as to provide to the various laboratories samples allowing to carry out experiments on specimens and on concrete samples. The characterization of these formulations will guide the choice of reference concretes in the comparative approach and the choice of acceptable performance levels for the absolute approach.

The choice of the reference concretes is a key point in the performantial comparative approach, as the concrete to qualify is validated if its durability performance is at least as good as the one of the reference concrete. It is therefore essential to clarify the methods of definition of the reference concrete relating to various  exposure classes in order to ensure that the appropriate safety margin is satisfactory. An analysis of the feedback and normative provisions is necessary, as well as the use of predictive models.

The objective is to establish rules to optimize the choice of reference concrete (comparative approach) as a function of the exposure classes, the duration of use, types of cement and used additions, and coatings.

Formulations types

Taking into account variability