• Projet National PERFDUB

THEME 5 – Dissemination

In charge of theme 5 (WG5)

Sandrine MANSOUTRE (Vicat)

Deliverables expected of the various themes are as follows:

  • definition of the values for repeatability and reproducibility of durability tests that are standardized or in the process of standardization;
  • development of additional durability tests for treating all of the exposure classes of the standard NF EN 206-1;
  • definition of a methodology and proposal of acceptable levels for durability indicators and performance tests as a function of the exposure classification, of the duration of use, of types of cement and additions, and of coatings (absolute performantial approach);
  • establishment of rules for optimizing the choice of reference concrete (comparative performantial approach) as a function of exposure classes, of the duration of use, of types of cement and additions, and of coatings;
  • contractual document inputs for application of the performantial approach;
  • definition of rules to ensure the conformity of concrete, which is a key point for the insertion of the performantial approach in the standards;
  • methodology for the requalification of aged works from measurements and durability indicators on samples.

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